Bible Classes

Bible Classes

We offer Bible Classes for all ages every week (ages 6mo & up).  We would love to have you join us.


Adult Bible Classes - September-November 2019 - Join us!


  • The Bible at 10,000 Feet   (Main Auditorium)
    An overview survey of the Bible


  • A Study of the Proverbs  (Classroom Building - B1)
    An overview study of the Proverbs


  • Why Did Jesus Do That?   (College Student and 20-somethings. Classroom Building - B2)
    Jesus always acted with purpose. We look at some of the complex, perplexing, challenging and unexpected things that Jesus said and did as we try to answer the question: "Why Did He Do That?" 


  • Contagious Christianity  (Classroom Building - B4)


Click here to listen to some of our recent adult Bible classes.